Friday, July 15, 2011

Naughty by Nature: Locust Grove Nature Center

We've been trying to get to Locust Grove for a while now, but since it requires a little bit of driving, mom hasn't made the big push for it.  But our concrete jungle has been heating up rapidly so we decided to check it out last week.  Mom read online about the "Nature Exploration Area," which was neither very natural nor explorable.  Some awkward, gawky teens were performing a "community service project" in the area and kept trying to rake the sand I was digging in and putting all of the rocks back "in their place."  Eventually mom moved us inside to the center and the "Indoor Oak Tree Exhibit."  Ew.  There were a few barely alive snakes and some dirty puzzles.  We were not thrilled and mom was starting to get girl-scout camp flashbacks, so we hauled it outside.

The people that work at the center were very nice and told mom of a hidden rock pathway back behind the adjacent tennis center on which we could wheel the buggy down to the "hiking" paths and stream.  Our trusty ol' bugaboo made it, but its not for umbrella strollers.  As soon as we came down the hill into a clearing, things began to look up.  And once we found the little stream, we were psyched.  I looked at mom cautiously who told me to stay on the shore.  And then Cami walked straight out into the middle of the stream and plopped down.  She looked around her, splashed, and looked at mom like "What is this?  Is this nature?!?" City kids.  We had a great time splashing, jumping, watching fishies, pretending to fish, and generally getting dirty.  Mom probably should have checked the stream's water quality before letting us douse ourselves, but we were having too good of a time to mind all that much.  And we saw a really pretty butterfly and a woodpecker on the walk back to the car.  We'll go back, but will skip the center next time and bring our bathing suits.


What IS this?

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