Friday, July 8, 2011

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

How daddy spent the better part of 18 years living next door to the world's largest elephant -- a national historic landmark -- and never got a close-up view, I just can't understand.  After reading repeatedly about Lucy in our Goodnight New Jersey book, mom and dad finally took us to see her.  Just a short trip over to Margate.  We took a pretty cool tour of Lucy - you can peek out her eyes at the ocean, check out old memorabilia, see the peanuts in her tummy, and take in a sweet shore view from her top.  And if you just learned to walk/climb stairs -- this is the perfect place to mess with your parents.  There are lots and lots of steep, winding staircases.  We got hooked up in the gift shop, too (Kane takes his Lucy everywhere with him and we LOVE LOVE LOVE our new book about the little (or big) lady - Lucy's Great Adventure).

There is a cute beachside cafe next to Lucy, Bella Luna, where you get a discount with purchase of the tour.  But we opted to check out the Greenhouse, which is also right next door, has a nice outside deck, and where mom and dad spent much of their younger Shore days imbibing.  We are BIG fans of the Greenhouse because there is a help-yourself popcorn machine downstairs and Kane and I love love love popcorn.  All in all, definitely worth the trip.

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