Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jolly Mon Sing: Pirate Dino Prints/Collage

Arggg!!!  I am on a serious pirate kick recently and have been reading tons of pirate books.  My strong favorites include "Jollly Mon," from Grammie B and based on the Jimmy Buffet Song, and "Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs," from my Nona.  I have recently switched from demanding, "No, you call me farmer" to "No, you call me Captain Rufus Rumblebelly."  At least I told mom she could be "Captain Mommy."  Daddy gets to be "Pirate Daddy," but I insist that Cami is "Wizard Whitebeard," and not a pirate (I'm also very into my "Where's Waldo?" books right now).

In any event, we found some dino magic capsules in the grocery store last week and I LOVED them so much that I told mom I wanted to make an "art project" with them.  She came up with a multi-day project (well, it actually just sort of happened).  First, we did some stamping with them.  Cam really got into that, but then she got really into eating the paint and biting the heads off of the stamps (shocking).  They were hard to use for stamping because they were so small and a bit flimsy, but mom saved her prints and cut out the individual dinos to use for the final project -- we used our pirate foam stickers to do a little homage to the pirate dinos.  We wished we had individual hats and swords for them, but at least they got some pirate ships and a few random pirate-related stickers.  Cam and I both really liked using the glue sticks to paste the dino cut-outs.  And we used our new Crayola mini twistable crayons to liven them up a bit.  Of course that quickly turned into a game of "Kane hoards and Cami freaks out."  It turns out that Cami wanted the crayons just so she could have her own game of "Cami hands crayons to a freaking out Kane," but I didn't really want to play that game.  So mom declared a game of "I win, craft over."  And that was that.  Well, it was a lot of fun up to the crayon part.

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