Friday, July 22, 2011

Cold As Ice: Ice Cube Painting

Is anyone starting to notice a pattern to our recent activities?  STAYING COOL.  Mom saw these online a while back and we decided to try something similar (these look cool too, but Cami would be even more confused as to why she couldn't eat them).  Mom filled an ice cube tray with warm water and added some tempera paint to each cube (she said using warm water really seemed to help dissolve the tempera paint), popped a 1/2 of a popsicle stick into each one, and froze them overnight.  We took them out of the freezer and let them warm up a bit in a shallow pan of warm water before we starting painting and then we went to town.  Cam took the "I'll try to eat this first and then let it melt on the paper" approach, which actually made for a really pretty painting.  Although it did not make for a very happy Cami.  I took my usual approach -- also known as hoarding followed by scorched earth.  I wanted ALL the colors and then I really liked to scratch up the paper.  Mom and I even worked on one together.  The colored ice really lasted a long time and mom was even able to put most of them back in the freezer when we were done for a second round of painting later on.  It would be fun to do this outside, too.  Although with this DC heat, they probably wouldn't last quite as long!  This is a definite outdoor paint project that's also on our list.



Collaborative with mommy.

We did some impromptu salt painting, but kept on painting right over it.

I think our biggest takeaway would be to learn when to stop.  This would have been pretty cool to let stay like it was.  But, who are we kidding.


Cam knows when to say when.

Our collaboration completed.

One of mine.  See, I CAN show a little self-restraint.

Cam's all dried.

Mom's (with a little scratchy help from me).



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