Thursday, July 21, 2011

Da Da Da: National Gallery of Art

The recent start of Kane's summer camp has meant that I get some good QT with mommy AND we frequently get to go places that mom either couldn't take both of us or couldn't take Kane even by himself (he is a TRUE 2 1/2 yo going on 18).  In keeping with our "beat the heat" efforts, we went to the National Gallery of Art one morning last week.  We started off in the Rotunda and I spent a good 25 minutes playing around the Mercury Fountain.  And mom spent a good 24 minutes of that time trying to explain politely (yes, mommy can be polite.  really!) to foreign tourists that it's not really kosher to take pictures of other people's children, try to pick them up, cat-call at them, or get them to hold random props (even when you get parental permission to take a picture).  I WAS looking cute that day, but it was a bit ridiculous (apparently I'd hit it big in Japan or any Eastern European country).  So we eventually skedaddled over to the East Garden Court for a bit and then over to mom's favorite -- the East Building.

On our way, we hit up the Children's Shop, which has very expensive but super super cool things in it.  Mom picked up some special things for birthdays and holidays to stow away, but also got me this awesome set of blocks.  We searched and found a nice little spot in front of some of the Gallery's Jasper Johns' works and I alternately played with my new blocks and fooled around with Security by toddling quickly toward the art, coming to a screeching halt, and then turning around and showing off my new "shhhhhhhh'ing" skillz.

When it appeared my cuteness was starting to wear off a bit, we headed over to the Cascade Cafe and set up in front of the water wall to eat our lunch.  We had packed ours in, but drooled over the treats others were scoring from the Espresso and Gelato bar (and you know mom didn't leave without getting a second latte for the day).  You aren't technically supposed to bring "outside food" into the cafes, but no one said anything.  I'm pretty sure my cuteness had something to do with that.

All in all, a nice little quick, cool, and (mostly) free trip (what?  I totally side with mom that gift store purchases don't count.  daddy does not).


Darcy said...

my kids like to just go back and forth and back and forth in the light tunnel. and security always yells at us (something about the light tunnel being "dangerous", huh??). love that place.

Kane and Cameron said...

Gotta love the installation of an attractive nuisance within toddling distance from the Children's Shop (which in and of itself is a total minefield of "you broke it, you bought it"). We love it, too.