Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lime Green and Tangerine: Lime Printing

So in an unusual twist of events, Kane refused to participate in craft time (daddy had just returned from, um, we can't keep track of where he was/is -- but that sweet daddy always comes home bearing gifts! and kane wanted to read his new books with daddy) and I got mom all to myself.  Apparently mom was planning for some serious citrus-related event and had purchased an extraordinarily large amount of limes.  Which then sat and hardened in our refrigerator.  Not wanting to feel more wasteful than usual, mom decided we'd put those little suckers to good use and do some lime printing.  I got to stamp a few sheets, do some fingerpainting, and only ingested a minimal amount of tempera paint this time around.  And we ended up turning mom's print into a birthday card for our buddy.  Super fun!

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