Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kane's Favorite Fall Looks!

Kane had incredibly specific ideas of what he wanted his fall back-to-school wardrobe to look like. He told me: dress up clothes ("for a party, like a tuxedo"), skinny green pants, and striped shirts. He said no characters (which I generally wouldn't get him anyway -- house rule) unless it was a minimal graphic design. Needless to say, we had a few negotiations over shopping. But I think we arrived at several looks that work for both of us.

Much like Cam, I'd say that Kane has moved a little more in the alternative direction, but there's still plenty of prep there too. And he is wearing a lot darker colors these days, which might just be my attempt to co-opt them to wear a uniform of all black and grey like me. At least he has continued to resist the all Under Armour look, although I'm sure that's coming some day. Here's what he's working.

Everyday Stripes -- still his main look, Kane dons skinnies and a striped shirt pretty much every day. He's branched out a little to include a few graphics, but if stripes are available, that's what he's wearing. He also started collecting leather and wax coated bracelets this summer from everywhere we traveled. And then friends starting bringing them back for him from places too. He's got a whole armful.

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Party Dress -- Kane equates dressing up with a party, but he would like to party every day. He'd still dig for rocks and play soccer though, so I just can't get down with letting him wear a suit to school. I did stock up on other "dress wear" though that he can rock to school. Everything else, we save for weekends and random parties, including kitchen dance parties.

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Sporty Casual -- he does not like to wear elastic waist pants (sometimes I really wonder if he's my kid), but if he rocks them on the weekend, he keeps it stylized in joggers, funky tops, and sweet sneaks. And even though he likes to give his dad a hard time about football, in our house, you are an Eagles fan.

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