Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cameron's Favorite Fall Looks

Our kids normally love back to school shopping. But for some reason this year, they both resisted giving up the clothes they'd outgrown. Kane relented in less fabulous fashion, but Cameron through a full on tantrum about giving away last year's clothes. I finally let her hold on to a dress she'd worn to her 6th birthday party for "sentimental reasons." Once we got over that, they both got much more in the shopping mood. So, as always, I'm putting together their favorite fall looks to share.

Cam has held strong in the girly and glam department, but definitely added a little more edge this year. She loved all the boots and motorcycle jackets we spotted out and about on our trip to Scotland + Ireland so she'll be sporting plenty of edge with her prep and gold this year. I think she does a good job of balancing, but I do have to rein in her accessories some days!

Glam Cam -- still her number one look, the more gems, gold, and glitter she can work into one outfit, the better. Too much sparkle? No such thing. And I'm not complaining. She has started saying that somewhat cutesy clothes are "for babies" though, which kills me because she will always be my baby (which I prove by scooping her up and rocking her like one). She picked out a fab iridescent backpack from J.Crew this year (shown here), but it's out of stock so I linked to a similar one. Glam on, Cam. Glam on.

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Rock with a Smidge of Hipster -- she'll never give up all her glam, but Cam was obsessed with getting a moto jacket for fall and keeps sporting fake hipster frames at home. She is finally into skinny jeans and loves wearing them with boots (gold boots, obvi).

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Weekend Casual -- Cam is continuing with several sports this fall, but always tries to work her own clothes into the uniform requirement. We've been watching Project Runway together, which probably isn't helping. But I like that she tries to make things her own. When not in full on sports gear on the weekends, she likes to basically wear things that feel like pajamas but don't look like pajamas (really, who doesn't?). With lots of accessories (she is still learning the art of editing a la Tim Gunn).

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