Friday, September 23, 2016

The Friday Five!

This week has been a little nuts, so I'm keeping it short and sweet for this Friday Five!

Reading -- I have mixed feelings about Gwyneth, but I'm finding a lot of good recipes in It's All Easy. We finally finished How to Catch a Bogle (everyone loved it!) and just started Woods Runner.

Playing -- Kane has a lot more homework this year and we've been trying to really stay on top of it. He has loved his math homework so far, which is usually in the form of a fun game. And I love that the whole family gets in on it. This week we played round after round of Garbage. All you need is a regular deck of cards, but I like this sturdy set.

Wanting -- I'm not a huge fan of plaid, but I love a good windowpane pattern. Especially if it's black + white. I'm obsessed with these Kate Spade PJs.

Cooking -- I have my kitchen back!!! I couldn't believe how much it bothered the whole family to have to eat out or order in for more than a week. We are all so much better off for a slew of reasons when I cook at home. These super simple Lamp Chops with Pistachio Tapenade were so fast to make and a winner with everyone.

Making -- with the return of our kitchen, we also got our arts and crafts area back. The kids haven't wanted to do anything particularly organized, but they've been so happy just messing around with everything in our art cabinet, all of which seems new again! And they wouldn't put our fave watercolor pods away.

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