Friday, September 2, 2016

The Friday Five!

We are T-4 days until the our kiddos finally head back to school and I am dragging. I generally try not to complain about the kids or how long summer is, because who really needs to hear that (plus, personally I think they're pretty great kids and I'm lucky to get to spend the time with them). But all of us are over each other and this summer. Cam has taken to pretending a large cardboard box is "school" and she dons her back-to-school gear, slings her backpack on, and climbs into it for stretches of time just to be by herself. I know come Tuesday we'll all be crying about missing each other, but for now, we. are. ready. We managed to keep ourselves busy this week though ....

Reading -- one of the first trips we made when we got back was to the library to restock. School Story (be one of our fave authors Andrew Clements) and How to Catch a Bogle have been our favorites this week.

Playing -- we are redoing the floors in our house and the kids' floor is up next. So we had to start packing up the entire rooms. It's been a good opportunity to rediscover toys (and toss/donate others!) and Cam has been all over her set of Magna-Tiles this week.

Cooking -- if it didn't involve peaches, tomatoes, or raspberries, chances are I didn't cook it this week. We picked tons and tons of them last week. These Slow Cooked Carnitas with Summer Peach + Tomato were a family fave.

Wanting -- I'm also counting down the days until our master bath reno is done and I need a new robe. Cashmere. Black. Yes. 

Making -- on our trip to Scotland Kane discovered Warhammer Age of Sigmar. I'll admit, I don't fully understand any of it, but he's obsessed. His uncle bought him the tabletop battle game full of strategy. But before you can even play, you have to build (and paint!) the whole set. So there's been A LOT of that this week.

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