Monday, August 1, 2016

Whale (Dolphin) Watching off the Jersey Shore

The kids' grandparents booked an amazing whale watching tour over our July trip to the Jersey Shore. I've seen killer whales once on a Seattle ferry ride, but the kids never have. And with all our recent watching of Shark Week, they were pumped to get out on the water and put their newfound marine explorer skills to work. We didn't spot any whales, but we saw a TON of dolphins and had a beautiful (and much cooler) ride along the shore.

We took the 3-hour whale, dolphin, and bird watching tour led by a great marine biologist who not only pointed out the dolphins, but talked the entire time about ecosystems, marine life, and research efforts to protect both. We all learned a lot (it was mating season, so, um, there was a lot of action going on)! And near the end of the tour, some interns did a show, tell, and touch session for kids of various marine life they'd picked up along the way. Plus the kids learned that a quick way to combat slight sea sickness is actually to eat so they happily took down all kinds of snack bar junk food. If you're on the shore and looking to do something different off the boardwalk, I highly recommend checking this out!!

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