Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016 Summer Bucket List Update #2

We had a good Summer Bucket List haul in July. Between our beach trip and a lot of downtime at home, we were busy bees!! We are up to 60 things at the end of the month ... BUT we have 59 more left on our list so we best keep after it. How's your summer going so far!?

23. - 38. Fifteen geocaches -- I'll admit it. We are Pokemon Go obsessed in our house. I do like that it's a fun new form of geocaching and we had no problem catching fifteen fairly quickly.

39. Rock climbing -- the kids both got to rock climb at summer camp this year. I was a little sad I didn't get to do it with them, but happy not to shell out extra money for the activity. I don't have a photo of them from camp, but I think this post-haircut one is too cute.

40. Family meditation/mindfulness -- on a recent hike with the kids new Explorer Kits, we sat down by Rock Creek and used Kane's favorite meditation app to spend a little quiet time together.

41. 3 mile family run -- we've been working to get both kids up to running three miles, but it's been SO hot here that I finally decided just to let them ride their bikes while Joel and I ran the 3 miles. It was actually a lot of fun and something that I think we'll make a regular weekend activity. With brunch after, of course.

42. - 45. New bath product/tiedye/playdough/soap -- I love when we combine multiple activities! We'll have a tutorial for our TieDye Bath Playdough up soon!

46. New food truck -- we love Dangerously Delicious Pies but have been chasing that food truck for a few years (seriously). We finally caught it after a trip to see Beatboxing with Mr. Max at the Discovery Theater (which was also awesome).

47. See sunset -- we caught a gorgeous sunset in New Jersey.

48. Tour a factory -- we took a tour of a wastewater treatment plant and windmill power generation facility in New Jersey too. It was so interesting!

49. Take a boat ride -- dolphin watching!

50. New waterpark -- Kane and I feel similarly about water parks -- it always sounds like a fun idea until we show up and there are massive amounts of kids jammed into a pool together. I'm sure it's fine, but I find it overwhelming and a bit gross. But I promised we could check out a new one this summer so we hauled it out to Atlantis Waterpark in Virginia. It offers an enormous pool, multiple water slides, and a 500-gallon dumping bucket. We all favored the bucket play area but I lasted about 2 hours and then called it a day.

51. Read a new book series -- the description of the Unwanteds series as a mix between The Hunger Games and Harry Potter must be accurate because Kane has flown through all seven audiobooks in the last couple of weeks.

52. Host book release maker events -- as you might have noticed, my first book Banish Boredom was released in June -- YAY!! We celebrated with two maker events so far -- a collage workshop at Little Loft and a larger launch party and pop art portrait workshop at Kit + Ace. It's been so fun to meet readers and craft with kiddos. Stay tuned for more this fall!

53. New watercolor project -- we all loved blow painting with watercolors.

54. Have a picnic -- Cam always wants to have a picnic but it always seems like a bunch of work for no one really eating anything. I've started packing picnics to take to the pool with us this summer though and they are so hungry from swimming, it's been working out great!

55. Make a weaving -- Cam learned to weave at arts camp this summer and has been really into it, so I made her a cardboard loom following Art Bar's tutorial. LOVE.

56. Try a new food -- both kids tried buffalo for the first time at the National Museum of the American Indian. Kane had buffalo chili and Cam chowed a buffalo taco.

57. Ride a rollercoaster -- I am not a fan of rollercoasters, but the kids needed an extra adult to go with them when we were at the Ocean City boardwalk and the only extra adult available was me. It will not happen again.

58. Learn a survival skill -- we finally learned how to properly use a compass.

59. Polaroid scavenger hunt -- we picked up a Polaroid snap to use at our Kit + Ace pop art making event. And then we had a scavenger hunt with it based off this list. The kids loved the whole thing!

60. New stamping project -- keep your eyes peeled for our post on Balloon Stamping because it was an insanely good time!!

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