Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Blow Painting

Blow painting certainly isn't an original art project—I've seen it all over the interwebs and art books. And there are absolutely more involved projects based on the simple premise (we've got some in the works!). But we finally got around to trying blow painting and so loved the process and results of the basic project that I had to share.

To make your own blow paintings, you'll need:

- liquid watercolors -- these are our most favorite and I suggest using them in concentrated form for this project (the colors are really something). I also added gold liquid watercolors, which we love but it's is thicker than the other colors, so I think next time we might try diluting it with a little water. But it added a great effect to the paintings.

- watercolor paper

- eye droppers -- I prefer the sturdy glass ones over plastic for this project

- plastic straws

- paint palette -- this is optional, but I knew that it would be a challenge to keep the kids to using minimal amounts of paint so these small pots worked wonders. Plus, instead of having to funnel the remaining paint back into the bottle, I just snapped the lids on to save for later.

Set out small amounts of each liquid watercolor alongside the eye droppers. Encourage your kiddos to place drops of the watercolors and then blow the colors around the paper using the straw. Our guys found it super fun to experiment mixing colors and trying to make shapes. Kane concentrated on one painting, signing it and labeling it "Tangents in Fireworks" or something like that. Cam liked to make one after another. But both loved it. I highly recommend giving this one a go!

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