Friday, July 29, 2016

The Friday Five!

I know it's summer and we all spent a serious portion of the rest of this year complaining about how cold it was, but HOLY H it has been obnoxiously hot in D.C. this week. The kids have been in camp, which is good because it's forced them to get out of the house when I think we'd otherwise all just lay on the floor whining. But it's still been pretty miserable and they've been so exhausted when I pick them up that we haven't been up to much. Here's what we managed to fit in ....

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Making -- I wasn't kidding when I said we were obsessed with this painting technique. We can't stop!

Wanting -- We're starting to think about packing for our upcoming trip and since I've been using Cam's cosmetic bags as my own recently, it's time for me to grow up. But that's bananas, so I want this cosmetic case.

Reading -- Since we're headed to Scotland soon, we just started Treasure Island. I love listening to all these classics with the kids.

Cooking -- I really do not like cooking fish at home. I find it so hard to make it taste not, well, fishy. Plus the kids are great eaters, but they won't eat cooked fish. I am a stickler at mealtime, but after the third or fourth time one of them puked when we had fish, I decided it wasn't worth it. So it almost always mean I have to make two things. But I LOVED this grilled salmon recipe. It's not super clean (it has wine and sugar in the marinade) but if it means I eat more fish, I'll do it.

Playing -- I finally took Cam to spend her Claire's gift card last Friday which forced us to go to the mall. I seriously perform extreme feats to avoid malls, especially with the kids. But while we were there, we popped into a game store to pick up something for Kane. They wanted all the things, of course, but Kane settled on Longhorn in anticipation of increased indoor time. Only two people can play at a time, so Cam and I teamed up, but they picked the strategy up right away and loved it!

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Amy Thiessen said...

Alright, well I obviously need that bananas bag! :D