Friday, July 22, 2016

The Friday Five!

I'm beyond excited that it's Friday and we can knock this week off. I decline to share the details because I'm ignoring them. Instead, here are a few good things we were up to ....

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Reading -- I spent my spare time cleaning up after the storm this week so no new books for me. But Kane started a new audiobook series, which promises to be a mix between The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. He's already on the second book, so I'd say it's a winner. 

Making -- Cam got this great embroidery kit for her birthday and has been all about it this week. She still needs a little help, but can do a lot by herself. 

Playing -- the Pokemon madness continued with me finally acquiescing in the kids' never ending requests to get real Pokemon cards. I refuse to figure out what any of it is, so they bought a starter set and got to business. 

Cooking --my Whole30, on which I was doing SO well, took off when the storm madness hit. I'm still trying to keep it as clean as possible though and this was a big winner for the whole fam. 

Wanting -- since we have to do some work at the house we are weighing our options of a partial or complete redo of the master bath. I want gold + marble. Something a little more sleek than this, but similar. I'm pretty sure we're going to put it off, but a girl can dream. 

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