Friday, August 12, 2016

The Friday Five!

We are on vacaye so this week has been a bit of a mixed bag in terms of activities. The kids had lots of downtime at home while we prepped to leave so they had plenty of play time, but we haven't had much homemaking. Here's what we've managed ....

p.s. I LOVE vacation.

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Reading -- we are working our way through several non-fiction books about Scotland and Ireland on vacation. I also started Loving Frank after our trip to the Pope-Leigh House last week.

Making -- Cam took an arts class at summer camp this year and learned several weaving techniques. I put together a cardboard loom using Art Bar's tutorial and she made weaving after weaving.

Cooking -- everyone loved this Brisket Barbacoa Beef.

Wanting -- I've had my snakeskin clutch for forever and it's in need of replacing. I like the little splashes of color for fall in this Brahmin.

Playing -- we played lots of Outfoxed before leaving at vacation. It's like a cooperative game of Clue and the kids love it.

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