Monday, August 15, 2016

Balloon Stamp Painting

At this point in the summer, the kids are sort of over trying new things. They are over each other. They are frankly over me (how dare they!). But they both donned immediate huge smiles, laughed, and had a total blast when I broke out this balloon stamp painting project last week. I honestly can't remember where I spotted this project first—somewhere in the depths of Pinterest, probably. It's not an original idea, but it's a truly fabulous outdoor paint project. I highly recommend giving it a try to get you through these dog days of summer!

You'll need:
- balloons—any will do, but I liked using these clear ones so that the kids get a good sense of the paint colors (white would also work well).
- a large piece of kraft paper. We are still working our way through something similar to this roll, but I have my eye on a roll of white paper to replace it. I feel like it would work much better for our projects.
- tempera paint—we are still in love with our fluorescent set (similar to this), so we used those. But any non-toxic, washable tempera paint will do.

Place several colors of tempera paint onto a plate or tray, have the kids dip a blown up balloon in, and then stamp or bounce the balloon onto a large piece of rolled out paper. Mine immediately went to bouncing it. Then popping it and rejoicing when paint flew everywhere. Cami reluctantly held out on painting her entire self until all balloons were popped. This is much less about the actual art being made, and much more about the process. BUT, so. much. fun.

p.s. if you have a child prone to painting herself like Cami, a bathing suit is always a good proactive option.

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