Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cameron's Favorite Fall Looks

Oh yea. It's that time of year again: back-to-school shopping. I don't know who is more excited -- the kids or me. And I'm mixed on our motivations. Either way, it's happening and we're all pumped. Cameron's favorite looks have changed slightly from last year (post here), but she holds strong in the girly and glam department. She has definitely bumped up her sporty interest as well, which is good because I think she's in for a bit of a shock when I tell her that ballet flats aren't going to really fly at her new school. Maybe we can at least sneak them in the first day!!

Glam Cam -- this is still Cameron's most favorite look. Worn anywhere at any time. She's even planning on donning a few of these for her first day of Kindergarten! And, yes, we know the bag isn't practical, but she's our Pineapple Princess!
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Weekend Casual -- Cam changes her clothes about 23 times on any given weekend day, including several changes of pajamas throughout. But she is a big fan of jumpsuits, comfy shoes, and fun accessories when we are out and about. She also probably needs this bag to keep me away from her.
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Sporty Spice -- Cami has always been well coordinated and shown an interest in sports, but she's just starting to gain some confidence with it and has signed up for a slew of fall activities. Plus she has kept up running with us occasionally -- or at least she likes to have the clothes to be prepared for running.
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