Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kane's Favorite Fall Looks

Oh happy day!! Today is our kids' first day back at school. Technically Cameron is only going for two hours today, but I'll take it. Although, at the same time, I'm now feeling sad about summer being over and the kids being so big. They seem ginormous to me. Especially Kane. My first grader is up to my shoulders (not that I'm tall) and has seemingly lost all his little kidness. Speaking of which, he had strong thoughts on his fall wardrobe, which still features the color green wherever possible. Here's what he's got lined up.

Dressy Prep -- he's fallen off ties somewhat, but Kane still favors looking "dressy" and if he sees a green tie, he has to have it (especially if it has anything to do with LEGO or StarWars). He scored a sweet pair of bright green suede moccasins in Positano this summer and he's begging to wear them to school (his are much nicer than those shown below, but this was the closest I could find online). He also likes mixing patterns and includes stripes whenever he can.
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Everyday Brights -- Kane has really taken to putting together his own outfits and needs a strong reason for changing whatever he's paired up. That reason does not include having too many bright things at one time. Well, at least it's hard to lose him in a crowd. He will only wear GAP jeans and still favors a good fall jacket (he actually asked specifically for a wool coat this year, but I can just imagine what would happen to that on the playground).
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Weekend Sports -- he is signed up for four sports this fall. So far he remains somewhat unaware of the crowd dressing complete in UnderArmour (not that I can point any fingers, that's generally what I'm in) and goes for comfortable sportswear. He did persuade his dad to purchase a few typographic shirts and name-brand sportswear for him though .... For obvious reasons, he is also not hard to spot on the field.
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