Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2015 Final Summer Bucket List Update

Well, we didn't hit all 75+ items from this year's Summer Bucket List. I blame July. July was pretty pitiful in terms of crossing things off. But our August vacations helped put a good last dent in it. We came out at 55 activities for the season. Better than last year (46), not quite as good as the year before (60). In any event, our whole family is now a bit obsessed with the bucket list idea, so I'm thinking we might do one for every season (although, obviously not as prolific as the summer lists since school's in session). We'll see .... Here's how this summer ended up.
41. Stargazing -- we finally explored the Rock Creek Planetarium and joined one of the Wednesday Young Planetarium programs.

42. Swim sans floaties -- Kane is ready for swim team. Cam can completely swim without floaties, but still likes to be able to toe touch for comfort. It was a huge win for swimming this season.

43. Gourmet s'mores -- dip-dyed s'mores!!

44. - 46. -- 3 more geocaches.

47. New art museum -- the Borghese Gallery was a highlight of our Italy trip.

48. Spelunk -- while we didn't technically explore underground caves this year, I'm counting our Amalfi Coast grotto adventures. Hey, we saw stalactites.

49. New beach -- hello Amalfi Town! And ouch, rocks!

50. New historical place -- no problem with this one this summer. I think the Coliseum works.

51. Flat Stanley -- we love these books, but Flat freakin' Stanley was the bane of our existence this summer. We cut him out and brought him everywhere but kept forgetting to take pictures of him! Finally, upon leaving Pompeii, Cam remembered to remind me. So there he is. Outside of Pompeii.

52. New nature center -- we checked out the Rock Creek Nature Center before the Planetarium program and loved getting a look at all the nature we routinely see in our new back (and front) yard.

53. Fancy ice cream -- DIY sprinkle cones!!

54. Visit somewhere exotic -- again, I think the Amalfi Coast counts.

55. Ping pong -- we made several trips to our fave Comet Ping Pong throughout August. We were preparing for Italy, OK!?

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