Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014: FINAL Update!

Well, since this week technically marked the last bit of summer, I don't feel too bad that I'm just getting around to posting our final Bucket List update. Here's the final wrap up that got us to 46 items for the season. While we checked off a smaller number than last year, we also accomplished some LIFE bucket list items, including swimming in a waterfall and riding horses on the beach. Clearly we underestimated ourselves! Kane has already added bungee jumping to next year's list.

37. - 39. Three new geocaches -- we finally scored all of our projected geocaches and even got another new state!

40. Balloon painting -- lobbing water balloons filled with watercolor was SO, so much fun. It didn't make the end product I thought it was going to, but I think that was because we used watercolors instead of straight tempera paint. The kids didn't mind -- they loved it.

41. Watch the sunrise -- we got an unexpected sunrise view on our way to the airport for our Michigan vacation.

42. Sidewalk chalk -- we found the recipe we followed for sidewalk chalk a little tricky, so we're refining it. But the kids had great fun scavenging for toilet paper rolls.

43. Nature art -- Cam and I revived one of favorite summer art projects -- sun prints -- to make gorgeous art in Michigan.

44. Camping cookout -- our grand plans for cooking a full meal on the campfire were rained out, but thanks to Grammie B, we got to make cake in oranges in an indoor campfire.

45. Make fruity drinks -- we loved our (slightly healthier) homemade slurpies.

46. Sledding in summer -- thanks Michigan dunes!

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