Thursday, May 8, 2014

Miscellaneous Madness: 2014 Summer Bucket List -- 50+ Ideas of Summer Fun!

Yeah, yeah. We know it's still spring and everyone is still in school. BUT, two things: 1. mom has just decided to ignore reality and proceed as if the weather is actually warm and staying that way. 2. we were slow to pull together our 2013 Summer Bucket List, which still turned out pretty rad if you ask us, and we didn't want to fool around this year. Plus, we basically consider after Memorial Day to be summer (no? says who? it's our Summer Bucket List!) and like to get a jump on it over the holiday. SO, without further adieu, here are our big plans for this summer. We'll do an update every month or so like last year. What's on YOUR list!?!?

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