Monday, September 22, 2014

We're Baaaack!

Notice anything different?! After three plus years of blogging in essentially the same format, with some slight categorical changes, we decided that a redesign was in order. We've grown up a lot, and we want the blog to reflect that.

In fact, in addition to looking different, the blog is going to sound a bit different. I've come to the conclusion that the kiddos are simply too busy to keep up their blogging duties and I'm simply too busy to keep juggling everyone's growing interests. I mean, technically I have as many hours in the day as Beyonce, but it seems that my driver, stylist, and house manager routinely fail to show up for work. So, I'm consolidating a bit. The focus is still the kids and family-friendly activities, but I'm going to be the voice and I'm going to include some of my own family-friendly interests that aren't necessarily undertaken by the kiddos themselves (i.e., DIYs, celebration ideas, etc.). Don't worry, the kids' personalities will still come through -- I couldn't keep those under wraps even if I tried.

We love our new streamlined look and hope that the new design will keep things more organized for you. Posts will now be categorized under our "Read More" sidebar as either
  • Art
  • Celebrate
  • DIY
  • Field Trips + Travel
  • Food
  • Other Tomfoolery
  • Science 
And you'll be able to click on any of those categories to pull up all posts in that subject area. I still have to spend some time re-categorizing all the posts from the last three years, but we'll get there.

Also, I've kept the blog advertisement free since we started, but it turns out that blogging for free has become a little time consuming for, well, not making any money. So I've opened up the blog for some advertising, but will keep it minimal and in keeping with our interests and aesthetic. 

Well, I think that covers it. Welcome back to the new Not-So-SAHM! Tune back in this week when I'll finally get up our last Summer Bucket List Update! 

*photography credit: Darcy Troutman Photography