Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Miscellaneous Madness: A Day in the Life (September 2014)

After all her griping, it turns out that our return to the school year has been kicking mom's butt. She's not sure who is going where, when or how; who needs what to eat or what change of clothes; or exactly how many cups of coffee she's going to need to consume to power through the now 3 hours and 23 minutes of time she has to spend in the car schlepping us all over town(s). The only thing that is clear is that this new "schedule" is going to take some getting used to. Hence her snapping of only 9 photos this 12-in-12 on her iPhone. We'll get there and, until we do, her "no cocktails during the week" policy has been indefinitely suspended.

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8.50 am -- leaving the house at an ungodly early hour to get Kane up to his new school means Cam usually gets to school a bit early and gets some mommy reading time in the library.

9.25 am -- mom sets up work at the local Le Pain and has a yummy breakfast of avocado toast and soft boiled egg (because she's pretty sure she had apple galette for dinner the night before, but can't keep the days straight).

10.55 am -- mom takes her new kicks to the gym to work off said galette.

11.45 am -- mom runs on the treadmill while manning the instagram account, which gets a little pickup in activity since we had a Land of Nod post that day.

1.50 pm -- a quick lunch in the car on the way to pick up Cam.

2.25 pm -- the cutest new soccer player you ever did see (which required mom to remember a packed outfit change, a number 3 soccer ball, and a water bottle. score one for her).

3.45 pm -- mom takes us to check out the football game at Kane's new school where we cheer loudly and eat concessions for dinner.

5.30 pm -- we get home and mom discovers she has inadvertently turned into a "soccer mom," with a trunk full of bottled water, packaged snacks, coolers, and backpacks.

6.40 pm -- the above realization leads to stout and iPad time as mom throws in the towel for the day.

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