Monday, September 8, 2014

Fly Away: Beaver Island, Michigan -- Part 2

Oooweee! Our first week back to school hit everyone a bit harder than we had expected. So, we're just getting back to our awesome end of summer vacation deets. After our great day spent exploring mom's little cabin in the woods, we woke up to a lot of clouds and rain. But we were not bummed. We knew that weather meant one thing: the promised trip to the Beaver Island Toy Museum. Mom had told us all about the wonderful store/collector's museum. How she and her siblings looked forward every summer to combing their way through its teeny tiny card catalog drawers of unusual toys -- many of them filled from the local artist owner's bulk purchases of vintage gum ball machine wares. We were psyched and it did not disappoint. In fact, we made two trips to the toy museum during our stay, which also gives you some indication of how much it rained the rest of the week.

Cam focused her toy store efforts on jewelry, babies and animals, and I went for guys -- oh so many, many kids of guys! Mom ran around throwing things into our shopping tote exclaiming "oh we have to get these! and these! and these!" We rang up possibly the largest bill ever at the store where most things are under a $1 (nostalgia is expensive apparently). It was fantastic!

Even though we were amped to play with our new goodies when we returned home, the rain had let up and we were eager to get some more beach time. A huge fog rolled in while we got in our suits, but it didn't stop us. We splashed and played, jumping off the dunes over and over.

We headed back home to find Grammie and Grandpa and pick up some pool floats to do a little summer sledding (a bucket list item we'd been having a lot of fun planning). The dunes were huge right behind our house and we perfect for "sledding." It was awesome! And to top it off, while we were hauling ourselves off the top of dunes, Grammie and Grandpa found a garter snake ... eating a frog. It was wildly interesting to watch -- sorry for the slightly graphic photo, but it was too cool not to share!

We made the absolute best out of the rainy weather and even got some sunshine later in the week -- wait 'till you see what we did with that!

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Darcy said...

I am in love with this vacation. i want to go!