Friday, January 25, 2013

In Home Entertainment: Frozen Creepy Crawly Fun

So one good thing about the below freezing temps we're currently experiencing is the opportunity for fun frozen projects that we wouldn't otherwise be able to swing (our freezer is always filled to the brim with no room for even a frozen water bead to hide). Mom came up with a mishmash of things we've already done (frozen water balloons and ice/salt/watercolors experiment) and the frozen toy excavation ideas we've seen and wanted to try. She put some of our squishy, stretchy froggies and bugs into balloons, filled them up with water and put them outside overnight to freeze.

Mom actually kept them a surprise from us until the next day until she sat us down with bowls full of salt and watercolors.  We had no idea what project was in store for us, but then she brought down containers full of frozen creepy crawlies! Once Kane got over his initial upset at mom freezing "his favorite toys ever," we sprinkled the frozen pieces liberally with salt. And then we waited until little tunnels began to form and squirted liquid watercolors over them.

We used the cracks traced by the watercolors to find weaknesses to break our buddies out. The froggies turned out to be SUPER fun -- they're squishy and sticky and we ended up being able to extract them out of teeny tiny holes in the ice. The buggies held their ground and we ended up having to wait for the ice to melt to free them.

There is an incredible array of ice projects out in the blogosphere, some of which are on our to do list before the temps turn back up. But check out these amazing projects that those in the persistent cold have come up with:

* an AMAZING rainbow ice igloo 
* gorgeous icicles 
* an outdoor ice sculpture garden
* outdoor ice ornaments

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