Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In Home Entertainment: Science Experiments in Color

For Christmas, Santa brought Cam and me a Steve Spangler science kit that we've been after, real lab coats and real safety goggles (green and pink, of course). There isn't anything in the kit that you couldn't purchase independently, but Santa was pretty sure that would mean a six-month supply of multiple random ingredients and the kit was the easy way to go.

We recently donned our official lab gear and tried out the first two experiments in the book, which focus on color. To begin, we added fizzing color tablets to test tubes full of water and watched the water bubble and change color. As suggested in the kit, we kept notes of our observations in a super official notebook. For the second experiment, we held up the tubes of color against each other in the light to see what might happen if we mixed two colors together. No one would be surprised to hear that that didn't satisfy our curiosity, we insisted on actually mixing them together to see.

Thanks to our trial run, I knew that the blue and yellow would make green, so I chose those. Cam knew the red and blue would make purple, so she chose those. We were still both thrilled when it actually worked! And we spent lots of time filling and spilling until all our test tubes were brown (mom was pretty happy she had also purchased this messy tray for all our, well, messes). Success in the lab!


Cath said...

This looks so fun! I love Kane's furrowed brow.

Thanks for the linking the science kit. I can't wait to buy one for Baby A.

Kane and Cameron said...
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Kane and Cameron said...

It was SUPER fun, Cath. You could even try it now just with food coloring and water with Baby A - she'd like to pour and mix. Although, the lab coats, goggles and test tubes really made it tops for us.