Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Home Entertainment: Colored Ice Sculptures

As we've mentioned, between the east coast weather (and D.C.'s inability to cope with said weather), kiddo germies, and days off for parent-teacher conferences, we've been in the house A LOT. So, in frantically googling for fun ice activities to take advantage of the cold weather, mom came across this cool ice sculpture idea. Sold. Our ice sculptures had been an ongoing activity in our house until, you know, the below freezing temps jumped up to a balmy 70 degree day yesterday.

BUT, before that happened and the weather was still below freezing, we mixed gel food coloring and water into a variety of containers and stuck them outside to freeze overnight. The next day we popped them out of the molds and went to work stacking, slipping and sliding colorful sculptures together. Turns out that the ones I made (for which I refused to mix the food coloring well) were the coolest looking -- concentrated color on top and clear on the bottom. We were a little frustrated that the shapes we made weren't as easily stackable as we wanted, so we filled up tons of ice cube trays (formerly used for baby food for me -- by the time Cami was born, which wasn't that long, mom had given up on homemade baby food) with water and food coloring and set them outside for freezing.

They did. Then they turned to slush in the tropical temps yesterday. Then they were destroyed in the torrential downpour last night. Anyone else concerned about this weather!?! Well, it appears freezing temperatures will return soon, so we'll get them rigged back up and let everyone know if they stack up better!

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