Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Keep It Local and Grub: The Coupe and Trolley Turnaround Park

Man we've been busy. Somehow in the last year, without us really noticing, our neighborhood got a nice little renovation of a park AND, much more importantly, a 24-7 "diner" from the owners of Tryst, The Diner and Open City just blocks from our house. We recently were clued in to the opening of The Coupe by our "Aunt" Kerri who lives in New York, but continues to be the unofficial Zagat's guide to D.C. It's only been open for a few months and appears to still be in adjusting mode (we've had incredibly slow service both times we've been), but there is a great children's menu with delicious food, REAL coffee, and a bar. And we can easily make our escape there those early weekend mornings when mom and dad are shift sleeping-in. We're pretty sure you'll find us there all the time.

And, right now, you'll find the entire neighborhood there all the time, too. Which is why it's also super awesome that D.C. recently renovated the Trolley Turnaround Park right across the street. It's small, but it has a rare death-defying spinner that is worth a visit. Put your name in at The Coupe and head across the street to play -- they'll text you when your table is ready. Done and done.

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KaleidoscopingMommy said...

totally excited bout this one... we are on a 5 -6am wake up schedule weekends included and I am thinking it is a perect spot for us... spidey hopes to see batman there soon!