Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spice Girls: Mayur Kabob House Food Truck

We recently made a trip back to the National Museum of the American Indian to check out their Thursday morning storytime.  I'd been there before with mommy, but Kane had never been to the imagiNATIONS exhibit and he loved it.  They've added cool "passport stamping stations" throughout -- you pick up a passport when you enter and then stamp your book as you go through the exhibit learning about different things.  It was a big hit with both of us.  We spent a while doing the drawing activity of the day and then made our way over to the library for storytime.  It turned out that there were a TON of little kids there, which made storytime hard for everyone (including the poor reader), so we spent a lot of time reading books in the library by ourselves instead.  And that worked out just fine.  We also pretended to cook up dinner in the stilt house -- when mom asked me to go "fish" in the river outside for dinner, I took a plastic bin and pulled "hot dogs" and "pizza" out.  Clearly we've been eating out too much this summer.

To that end, after storytime was over, we circled back to the L'Enfant plaza to pick up lunch from a food truck.  Kane insisted that he wanted "chicken on a stick," so we chose the Mayur Kabob House food truck.  We are both big into ordering and paying for our own food these days (another sign we've been eating out too much), and walked right up to the window and asked for "chicken on a stick, please."   We ordered a mild chicken kabob, which came with rice and two sides (we got chickpea masala and spinach curry) and naan.  It was $9.00, but it fed all of us.  And we split a side order of vegetable samosas, too.  It was way too hot to eat outside, so we metroed our lunch home and ate there.  Kane liked the chicken (although he did complain it was too spicy) and I loved the rice and chickpea masala.  The naan was AWESOME, too.  Overall, it was probably a little hot for our taste buds, but mom loved it and we'd definitely go back.  Plus, we spent a long time discussing the difference between American Indians and the Indian food from the food truck.  You just never know, you know?

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