Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rolling on the River: Long Branch Nature Center

Daddy used to live in Virginia back in the day -- not too far from the Long Branch Nature Center.  Even then mom had her differences with the Commonwealth, but lucky for us, she liked daddy enough to spend time at his house there.  And they used to take brand new baby dog Vegas to the dog park there so he could roll in all kinds of naturey things and swim in the river.

On one of our "just in town long enough to drop dirty laundry off" trips a few weeks ago, they decided it would be fun to go back and check it out with us.  We hit up the playground first, which they remembered as being much more spectacular -- likely because they didn't have any kids the last time they were there.  But the playground is right next to the river and that's where we spent most of our time.  We are rock throwing fanatics and the water was just low enough that we could climb out onto a big rock in the middle of the river and toss away.  Pretend fishing was a big hit, too.

Eventually, we made our way back to the nature center and, after checking out the usual assortment of live and used-to-be-alive animals, we found the kids' room!  There was all kinds of dress up, art projects, books, and blocks.   AND there was a stuffed mozzie toy, which was particularly appropriate given our recent experience with the little suckers.

When we were done, mom and dad took us to one of their other VA favorites -- Lost Dog Cafe, which now has several locations in Virginia.  Lost Dog has an incredible number of amazing sandwiches, baked waffle fries, and beer to go.  And while they don't technically have a kids' menu, if you ask, they'll work with you -- we stuffed our faces with butter noodles.  The yummy food is a good enough reason to visit, but they also run a doggie (and cat) rescue, which we love wholeheartedly.  So if you're in the area -- check it out!

kane trying to explain to daddy why and how he expected him to sit in the rocket ship properly.

get that mozzie! 

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