Monday, August 20, 2012

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay: Princess Anne, MD

It appears that for the month of August, Cam, mom and I are basically like a wild pack of family dogs roving about the east coast.  We have been spending an unexpectedly large amount of time schlepping about while daddy holds down the fort at home.  But we'd had last week's trip to Princess Anne with our Grammie and Grandpa B planned for a while and we couldn't wait -- it didn't disappoint.  Grammie and Grandpa rented a house right on the Wicomico River and we spent the whole week crabbing, fishing, kayaking, binocularing, learning how to swim, glamping, painting oyster shells, fighting a losing battle against the local mosquitoes, staying up late, and waking mom up early.  I think everyone had a blast even though Cam and I were in particularly disobedient moods all week -- hey, it's vacaye.  We'll share some of our adventures in more detail this week, but for now, here's pics of the highlights.

checking out the river upon arrival with Gammie B.

toasting marshmallows and dodging mozzies.

in the pot off our dock.

dinner!  we collected our catch in our super official crab bin.

little hands could not wait.

early a.m. fishing with Grandpa.

we caught one! 

Cam caught one, too! 

the deck was a perfect spot to paint oyster shells from our beach.

lots and lots of shells.

drawing the river on the only rainy day we had.

the sunsets were ridiculous every night.

every night.


Heather Julian said...

That looks like a GREAT Trip!!


Preparing for Peanut said...

In the words of Liz Lemmon: "I want to go to there."

Looks incredible!!!