Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Italian Restaurant: HomeMade Pizza Co.'s Mini Cutie Pie Kit

A GIGANTIC thanks to our friends over at Kaleidoscoping Chaos for posting on HomeMade Pizza Co.'s Mini Cutie Pie Kit.  We've made our own "homemade pizza" before using TJ's crust, but had a blast saucing up HMP's cute pies.  Each kit comes with three, 9" dough rounds (you can also get a bigger kit of 6 rounds), sauce, cheese, three toppings you choose, and three pizza chef aprons and hats (BIG HIT).  We loved them so much we even ate vegetables on them and the three were plenty to feed our whole crew.  The best part?  You can order them online, choose a time to pick them up, and then pop in and grab them.  Sooooooo easy.

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