Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Holiday: Glamping

For a variety of reasons, mommy and daddy have not yet taken us camping.  But mommy grew up camping off and on and thought she'd take advantage of Grammie and Grandpa B's expertise on our trip to Princess Anne.  They brought the green tent they'd used when mommy grew up (GREEN!) and we brought our sleeping bags.  It turned out that the mosquitoes really restricted us to staying inside in the evenings, but that wasn't going to stop us.  Grammie and Grandpa set up the tent on the deck right in the middle of the day, we pretended to nap in it, played in it, had a glamping dance party, and we fired up the campfire for some mid-day, mozzie free s'mores.  This just might be the best way to glamp.

we are supposed to sleep in this thing?

fierce dancing face.

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