Friday, March 31, 2017

The Friday Five!!

We are still on spring break, which is fabulous btw!, so I'm going to make this real quick. When we haven't been jumping waves or lounging in the pool, we've been ...

Cooking -- nothing!! We have been eating all kinds of wonderfully delicious food prepared by our great chef. Not only do I not have to cook, I really don't have to think about what to order -- he does it all and every single thing has been delicious. I'm going to have to figure out how to make Mofongo when we get home.

Wanting -- we are staying at a private villa this week, but have privileges at the Eden Roc Beach Club. They are building suites right along the amazing beach and I absolutely want one.

Reading -- I haven't done nearly as much reading on our trip as I wanted, but a friend brought We Should All Be Feminists and it was a great quick read for thought.

Playing -- we've been playing all kinds of games when the kids need down time out of the sun, but the boys have loved a card version of Oregon Trail the best.

Making -- there has been lots of arting during down time too and these super sparkly Bingo markers I read about on Art Bar have been a huge hit. The colors are great and it's just a different fun way to make art.

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