Friday, March 17, 2017

The Friday Five!!

I feel like I blinked and it's Friday again! We avoided a major snowstorm this week, but have had ridiculously freezing weather. I normally love getting out and about in the winter, but given that I was running in a tank top last week, I just couldn't bring myself to haul my winter gear back out again. So I feel like we've spent a lot of time indoors the last few days. No problem. We found a lot to do ....

Cooking -- we went to the Dead Rabbit last weekend for an Irish fix and the kids tried corned beef for the first time. They loved it so much that I made one of my fave easy recipes this week.

Reading -- we picked up Who Built That? Modern Houses: An Introduction to Modern Houses and Their Architects in New York this past weekend and we are all loving reading it together! I have an irrational dislike of Nicole Kidman, so I don't plan on watching the new show Big Little Lies. So, instead, I'm listening to the audiobook in the car. 

Playing -- the kids were obsessed with Monopoly Deal on our train trip. It's almost more cutthroat than the regular Monopoly!

Wanting -- I need some new slip ons for spring and have my eye on these gold Vans.

Making -- Cam's continued sewing everything in sight and has made several things from this cute accessories book this week.

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