Thursday, March 23, 2017

5 Tips to Keep Spring Chores Green

Spring is finally here! That means my spring cleaning is in full force, but so is my effort to get the kiddos to help with chores. They have always had some sort of chore list, but as they get older, I feel like it's time to kick it up a notch. They are more capable of cleaning up after themselves.

But as I handed Cam a bottle of wipes to clean up her sink last week, I gave a second thought to what she was using to get the job done. I didn't really want her cute little six-year-old hands scrubbing chemicals everywhere. So I did a little research on how we can keep all of our spring chores a little greener this season.

Purchase Green Products
To start, trade out those chemical-laden products for a few green ones. You'll be keeping toxic chemicals away from you and your kids and out of the environment, too. There is a wide range of products available, but check out some of these tried and tested eco options. Also look for refillable products to help decrease the amount of plastic you're using.

Try a DIY Product
Still not happy with the green products commercially available? People swear by making their own. Trying a DIY product ensures you know exactly what you're using and helps the piggy bank too. How much time you need to make each product will vary, but start with these 25 recipes and see what is worth the effort.

Clean Indoor Air Naturally   

I love nothing more than opening every window in the house as soon as spring arrives! Letting all that fresh air in does everyone's mood so much good, and it helps sweep dust out as well. Stay away from chemical cleaners and air fresheners, though. If spring allergies prevent you from throwing the windows open, make sure you replace the HVAC filter before kicking the air on. It's always smart to service your system in advance, too.

Find a Green Dry Cleaner
At the end of winter, I send out all our winter coats and clothes that need to be dry cleaned before storing them away for next season. Conventional dry cleaning uses a whole host of really toxic chemicals. First, reconsider whether any of those items you are sending out can actually be washed by hand at home. For those that can't, look for a green dry cleaner who uses professional wet cleaning or liquid carbon dioxide cleaning.

Enforce a No-Shoe Policy

We have a no-shoe policy in our house for the kids, but whenever we entertain, I always feel sheepish about asking adults to take off their shoes, too. Consider setting up and enforcing a policy for everyone. You'll have less dirt and fewer chemicals tracked throughout your home that need to be cleaned up.

I know I'll feel so much better about enlisting the kids with cleaning help if it's safer for them. They certainly don't need another excuse for not helping!

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