Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fennel-Crusted Pork Chops with Potatoes and Shallots + 30 Days of Dinner!!

Woohoo!! We just wrapped up our Whole60 a little over a week ago and it turned out to be a fabulous way to start the new year. We have completely reset the way that we eat. So that even though we've re-introduced some things (a bit of dairy (cheese!!), alcohol, and the occasional sweet), we still continue to eat super close to a Whole30 diet with no problem at all. I plan to loosen up a bit on a few upcoming trips, but I hope we can really stick with it long term.

This last month was pretty busy, so I have lots of basic meals in our dinners below. But the pork chops recipe definitely stuck out -- it's super easy and just a nice change from red meat and chicken. It's a perfect weeknight meal!

Fennel-Crusted Pork Chops with Potatoes and Shallots 
(slightly adapted from Bon Apetit

- 1 1/2 tbsp fennel seeds
- 2 garlic cloves, finely grated
- 1 tsp hot smoked Spanish paprika
- 3 tbsp olive oil, divided
- 2, 1-inch-thick bone-in pork loin chops (about 1 1/4 lbs total)
- salt and freshly ground black pepper
- 1 lb small Yukon Gold potatoes, quartered
- 2 large shallots, cut into quarters with some root attached
- 1/2 cup fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves
- 2 tsp red wine vinegar

1. Preheat oven to 450 F. Toast fennel seeds in a small dry skillet over medium heat, tossing often, until fragrant, about 4 minutes. Let cool.

2. Combine fennel seeds, garlic, paprika, and 2 tbsp oil in a small bowl. Season pork with salt and pepper and place in a resealable plastic bag. Add spice mixture; seal bag and turn to coat. Let sit at least 30 minutes.

3. Heat remaining 1 tbsp oil in a large ovenproof skillet, preferably cast iron, over medium-high heat. Cook pork chops until golden brown on 1 side, about 4 minutes; turn. Add potatoes and shallots to skillet; season with salt and pepper and toss to coat in pan drippings. Cook, tossing potatoes and shallots occasionally, until pork is golden brown on second side, about 4 minutes.

4. Transfer to oven and roast until potatoes are tender. If potatoes need more time, transfer chops to plate and continue to roast until tender; transfer chops back to skillet when potatoes are done. Remove skillet from oven and mix in parsley and vinegar. Let pork chops rest 5 minutes in skillet.

5. Transfer chops to a cutting board; cut meat from bones and slice against the grain. Serve with potatoes, shallots, and any pan juices.

*          *          *

30 Days of Dinner

Day 1 (W) -- brinner/leftovers 
Day 2 (Th) -- Slow Cooker Paleo Jalapeño Popper Chili 
Day 3 (F) -- Paleo Brocoli Salad with Bacon, eggs, potato hash 
Day 4 (Sat) -- dinner out 
Day 5 (Sun) -- SuperBowl dinner! Salad, two kinds of wings (Paleo Buffalo Wings and Crispy Chicken Wings), and kids had nachos too. 

Day 6 (M) -- burgers, Sweet Potato Fries (LOVE this recipe), salad 
Day 7 (T) -- Ginger Garlic Steak Tacos with Pineapple Pico de Gallocauliflower rice 
Day 8 (W) -- Lemon and Garlic Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes (leave out wine and sugar, and sub gluten-free flour); zoodles and kids had pasta
Day 9 (Th) --  Fennel-Crusted Pork Chops with Potatoes and Shallots; brussels sprouts 
Day 10 (F) -- Asian Turkey Burgers with Spicy Lime Mayo (I LOVE How Sweet It Is, but found these disappointing); salad 
Day 11 (Sat) -- dinner out 
Day 12 (Sun) -- Crockpot Pulled Pork Chili 

Day 13 (M) -- dinner out 
Day 14 (T) -- Valentine's Day! Steak and Baked Potato with Crab, Jalapeño, and Mint (leave out dairy if Whole30)
Day 15 (W) -- Roasted Chicken with Potatoes + Arugula (leave out dairy); green beans 
Day 16 (Th) -- Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole (everyone loved this!)
Day 17 (F) -- dinner out 
Day 18 (Sat) -- dinner out 
Day 19 (Sun) -- dinner out 

Day 20 (M) -- brinner: scrambled eggs, salmon pastrami, hash browns 
Day 21 (T) -- Grilled Rosemary and Balsamic Chicken (leave out sugar); salad; potatoes 
Day 22 (W) -- Slow Cooker Brisket; mashed potatoes; salad 
Day 23 (Th) -- Greek Lamb Burgers (no dairy); sweet potato fries; green beans
Day 24 (F) -- dinner out 
Day 25 (Sat) --  leftovers 
Day 26 (Sun) -- dinner out 

Day 27 (M) -- Paleo Beef Barbacoa (still love this); cauliflower rice 
Day 28 (T) -- Loaded Taco Soup (I thought this was delish -- the rest of the family seemed annoyed that it was soup instead of chili, and sort of ate it like chili. So next time I might let it simmer and thicken longer). 
Day 29 (W) -- brinner 
Day 30 (Th) -- dinner out

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