Monday, February 22, 2016

The Look for Less!

I'm sure that I'm about to jinx us all, but I swear I can feel spring on its way. Sure, the temperatures are still swinging wildly about; but, the sun has been rising earlier and setting later, the birds are back, and the air smells different. So of course spring clothes shopping is on my mind. A few weeks ago, I shared our first Look for Less with a warmer weather sporty look for the boys. So now it's the girls' turn!

This is a classic look for Cam -- especially since she has to wear gym shoes in school now. She loves skirts and a little special detail, but has to be able to book it in gym class and the playground still. Cami has lots of these jeweled shirts from J.Crew, but you have to be really careful washing them and a white shirt is sure to get stained. So the "For Less" recreates this with a similar silhouette top and an inexpensive necklace that can be re-used in more than one outfit. I love the limited edition New Balance shoes, but the less expensive pair from Zara gives a similar feel with a pastel/bright combo. I think Cam would approve.

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