Friday, February 26, 2016

The Friday Five!

Instead of feeling elated that the weekend had arrived, for the past few months, Fridays have felt like the start of a cascade of activities. Always fun, but just so numerous that our weekends have been entirely overwhelmed. We are reclaiming this weekend! Yes, we have a few scheduled things. But, I'm still looking at least a few lazy hours each morning with the fam. Yasssssss.

While I'm attempting to sleep in and let our kids have at the technology, I'm sure I'll be comforted by all we actually did this week ....

Making -- these DIY Tassel Necklaces are so incredibly easy and inexpensive to make. Guaranteed to brighten up your day (or at least your wardrobe).

Wanting -- I've just decided that it's spring and am planning my wardrobe accordingly.

Playing -- made by the same company as Rat-A-Tat-Cat, Kane loves any way to loop in Greek mythology.

Cooking -- These Chicken Tinga Tacos were spicy! Even when I left out some of the chipotle peppers. But everyone loved them and they were a different addition to Taco night.

Reading -- I stuck Four Seasons in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia, and the Biggest Funeral in the World in my bag for carpool pickup and couldn't stop reading it. I read Darcy's review of it a while ago, but kind of forgot. Reading it was like stepping back into our Rome vacation last summer. So much familiarity in the street names, history, sensory experiences, exploring the city with children. I want to go back! We finally finished Queste after a month of serious cartime play -- it's a LOOOOONG book. Only Kane was super into it, and because it's the fourth in the series, he has started back at the beginning and is listening to the first three books (he's on the second) himself. Nevertheless, we just started The Island of Dr. Libris, which seems promising.

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