Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Look for Less!

Always a big fan of faux shopping, I just started surfing around online for the kids' spring clothes. And every time I've added something to my shopping cart (just to save for later, of course!), my jaw drops a bit at the price total. I usually wait for sales to stock up, but what if you can't?! I want them to look cute and they want to look cute, but come on. So I thought I'd try out a semi-regular feature -- the well-known "look for less" post!

First up, a fab boys look from J.Crew (a definite favorite of all of ours). Most of these pieces are pretty basic, which makes me hate spending a lot of money on them. I might splurge on the shoes, because they are bright and different, but you can see it's not too hard to find something similar that is much less. It's like a sporty, slightly dressed up, casual look that I know Kane would wear!

"The Look"                                           

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Darcy said...

I love this! Especially those shoes!