Friday, February 19, 2016

The Friday Five!

This week's weather has vacillated between below freezing with snow to sunny skies and forecast 60-degree days this weekend. It's doing a number on my sinuses, but giving me hope (perhaps falsely) that spring might be on its way! Here's how we kept ourselves busy ....

Cooking -- I almost always increase a dinner recipe so that we have leftovers, but even doing that still didn't leave much left of this Shawarma-Spiced Chicken Pita with Tahini-Yogurt Sauce. Now that we're not on Whole30, I am adding a bit of dairy back into our diet, but I try to stick with goat's milk -- I find it less irritable to my stomach. So I subbed goat's milk yogurt in for the sauce. I also tried out this Paleo Naan instead of pita for the adults -- it wasn't quite naan, but it worked wonders for two peeps who haven't had anything breadlike in more than 6 weeks. The Shawarma recipe also comes together so quickly -- it's perfect for a weeknight meal!

Playing -- We gave Cam Rat-A-Tat-Cat as one of her Hanukkah presents and she LOVES it. It's a great memory and math building game and she frequently beats me even when I'm trying.

Wanting -- I'm starting to feel bratty posting new things that I want every week. But I actually haven't bought any of them yet, so I'll carry on. I recently organized my jewelry, so I fully understand that I have about a gazillion pairs of mini gold stud earrings. Nevertheless, I'm wanting this pair of shark teeth earrings.

Making -- we saved our extra Matisse cut-outs and have been working with them all week. I can't overemphasize how relaxing it is to cut the shapes -- to fit one inside the shadow of another to maximize a piece of paper. I'm definitely obsessed with this project. Cam is also into working with clay lately and this 6-piece set has been getting a lot of use in the house this week.

Reading -- My library hold list has had me shuffling books around a bit this week. I finally finished Americanah (love, love, loved it! I could hardly wait to get to the end of it -- I kept having to stop myself from jumping ahead), and I've still got A Woman in Arabia: The Writings of the Queen of the Desert as my carpool line read. But I finally got off the waitlist for All the Light We Cannot See, so I started that yesterday too. We are still working our way through Pieces and Players, but Kane also started being able to check out chapter books from his school library this week. So we are also reading one of the A to Z Mystery series -- The Kidnapped King

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Meg said...

I laughed at your remark about feeling guilty about wanting. I experience the same guilt.
But then I click on a link to a southern mommy blogger with all the crap she is lemming for, or overpaid for or is sponsored to post about and feel like wanting "something" now and then I'd not so bad.

I appreciate your blog!