Friday, June 12, 2015

Weekend Makes

This weekend I'll be celebrating my 35th birthday (again!) and I truly love nothing more from my kids than something they've made by hand. And since I'm still in the midst of doing this Whole30 (so, so poorly timed), I'm obviously not getting anything sweet baked for me (and, at this point, if someone makes me a steak or hardboiled egg and tries to present it as a celebratory gift, I'll lose it). So, homemade crafts is what it'll be! Granted, I might have to pitch in and help them, but I'll still take it. Hope everyone has a happy happy weekend!!

1 love this colorful felt banner from ArtBar! plus, we can reuse it for every birthday  / 2 the only slice of birthday cake I'll get this year
/ 3 ginormous DIY confetti cannons! / 4 the kids could definitely handle this hand painted accordion card / 5 obviously I need a crown and the kids are super into hand sewing right now

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