Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Great Country Farms

Last week we took a day trip out to Great Country Farms for our strawberry picking trip of the season. I really wanted to check out a new place and had heard good things about Great Country Farms, so we decided we were up for the big schlep (1 1/2 hour drive). It was actually quite a pretty drive through Virginia wine country.

We had a wonderful time, but I have to say I was slightly underwhelmed with the farm, which promises a whole slew of activities beyond just picking fruit (a farm play area, putt putt, fishing, animals, a mining sluice, etc.). All of those things were there, but I was annoyed that you had to pay for almost all of them -- beyond the basic cost of admission at that. We've picked lots of fruit, but this was the first time we had to pay admission in addition to purchasing said fruit. So I assumed it would cover all of those activities. But it didn't. None of them was outrageously expensive, but everything was a few additional dollars each (other than the playground and jumping pillow, both of which the kids loved). And that kind of thing just irritates me.

It didn't bother the kids at all though (even though I refused to fork over dollars for multiple activities), and they put in a solid effort at picking fruit this year. Our freezer is FULL of strawberries just waiting to be recipe'd into something grand. We'd go back, but maybe wait until one of their big festivals (like the Fall Harvest Festival), which people seem to love. And now that we've visited our very first drive-through Starbucks (on the way back home) I'd say the trip is arguably worth it just for that.

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