Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Day in the Life (June 2015)

As is apparently par for the course this season, June 12th was obnoxiously hot in DC. Like singe your eyelashes off hot. But the kids were off of school and had not yet started camp, so we refused to stay inside all day.

6.30 am -- I tried to get up early to run before it became unbearably hot. It was still a rainforesty run at 6.30, but picking my shoes from the family's pile of muddy running shoes made me happy.

7.30 am -- my effort to get them to do "something quiet" together so I can grab a quick shower before breakfast.

8.15 am -- the yahoos are still getting along and they write a "manuscript" together for a musical. I love how Cam looks like an emoji.

10.15 am -- their ability to cooperate breaks down when I try to get them to work together on a "mural" outside. They insist on drawing a line down the middle of the paper to give them each their own side. And then cutting the paper apart entirely. I'm sure the fact that it's about 90 degrees at 10 am isn't helping.

11.40 am -- I run with their momentum and let them have a water balloon fight with each other.

12.00 pm -- I plan our upcoming trip while watching said fight.

1.00 pm -- our poor plants are feeling the heat. Fortunately the DC weather has alternated between extreme temps and insane thunderstorms, so they've made it so far.

2.00 pm -- enough is enough. I put on one of the kids' favorite movies: Strange Magic. I find it totally bizarre, but it's been the genesis of their musical playwriting pursuits, so I go with it.

3.10 pm -- I've been trying not to drink coffee in the afternoon, but this day requires a second iced coffee with a splash of almond milk.

4.15 pm -- Kane plays soccer with a buddy outside. Apparently this season we've decided no shirts are cool because he's also started refusing to wear a rash guard to swim either.

4.30 pm -- I use the leftover (and mostly dried up) tempera paint from the morning to make a batch of frozen paint popsicles (we'll have them up next week!)

6.00 pm -- Kane joined a wrestling club this summer and has been LOVING it. It's kind of been his thing with his dad, but he lets Cam and I come check it out today. We dressed appropriately, of course.


Anonymous said...

I hope this weather pattern breaks soon. All these storms are interfering with my after work runs. :(
Need to add those awesome colors to our stash. Where do you buy your paints? Are they powdered tempera paint?

Not-So-SAHM said...

Me too, Margaret! The paints are Sargent Art's fluorescent tempera paints -- they are awesome!: