Thursday, June 4, 2015

Project 52 -- Week 22

In case you haven't noticed, it's been a busy week for us. And I've had no time to post on anything, really. We spent pretty much all of last weekend taking the kids to their very first real music show -- Sweetlife. We learned many, many things (like apparently all I have to do to be a pop star is just yell "F*CK" a lot, which I think technically means I already am a pop star), ate lots of yummy food, and had a great time with our friends. Overall, the kids were total troopers. And they were WAY into getting in the festival mode -- they donned their best music show duds and even tatted up with metallic tattoos before we even knew that every single 17-year-old would be spending $25 to purchase the same at Sweetlife. Next time, we're setting up our own booth for $20 a pop.

It's also the last week of school for both of the kids. We're sad. We're excited. We can't wait for summer!!

And, just to keep things really interesting, I also decided after an entire school year of overindulging to get myself back to cleaner eats. Thus, I started a new Whole 30 last week (see here for all my previous Paleo recipes and weekly meal plans). If you follow us on Instagram, you'd see all the yummy dinners I've been cooking up. But, if you know anything about any of this Whole 30 business, you'll also know I would f*cking kill someone for a frappuccino right about now. And I don't even like those.

Nevertheless, we are all excited about ending the school year and beginning new things!!

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