Monday, June 8, 2015

Start Creative Studio Doodle Books (and a reader discount!!)

This post was sponsored by Start Creative Studio. We received free copies of the doodle books in return for writing an honest review. The opinions in this post are our own.

When summer comes around, I always have my eye out for travel-sized goodies for the kids. Whether we 're taking a big trip or they're just running more errands with me than usual, I love having small activities that can occupy big time. So I was super excited when Start Creative Studio reached out to ask whether we'd like to give their doodle books a try. Um, yes!!

These fabulous pocket-sized books are available in three different prompt themes: Lines, Scribbles, and Swirls. We had a chance to try all three and the kids loved each of them! I love that the books seemed to have just the right amount of drawing prompt to really spark their creativity. Kane started out drawing with a black pen to complete a picture based on the prompt. He then went back in and colored it with markers. Cam went with colored pencils and markers from the get-go and focused much more on making patterns than actual scenes.

They both spent a fair amount of time doodling and we'll definitely be purchasing more for summer trips. And you should too -- Start Creative was generous enough to offer readers a 10% discount on all orders through June 14th. Just use the code: NOTSO10. Happy doodling!!

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