Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Miscellaneous Madness: Summer Bucket List 2014: Update #1

We've officially been out of school for a month and we've been busy bees! In case you don't track our real-time Summer Bucket List updates on our Facebook page (and we can't imagine why you don't), it's time for the first progress update of the summer. Despite our double and miscounting, we've actually checked off 22 items from our list. Not too shabby.

1. Berry picking at Homestead Farms.

2. First geocache of the season.

3. Herb garden planting.

4. New historical site -- the Washington Monument!

5. Family photos (finally!)

6. Second geocache

7. Trampoline park -- this photo is actually from the second trampoline park visit of the season (the one day it rained over July 4th in New Jersey). Our first was to Rebounderz in Sterling and it was equally awesome.

8. Kids book club! In case you missed it, we dished on our new club on The Land of Nod's Honest to Nod on Monday.

9. New "swimming pool" -- we think YS Falls in Jamaica qualifies.

10. Our DIY Tattoos for Father's Day in action.

11. One of the multitude of toyscapes built on No TV day. Hey, we survived.

12. New putt putt.

13. Third geocache.

14. New spraypark -- we spent the day checking out all of No Monster In My Bed's recommendations at Penrose Square. Fabulous.

15. New playdough -- frozen recipe right here!

16. Summer Tunes List -- find us on spotify!

17. Mini piñatas -- tutorial right here

18. Ride bikes -- our fam at Green's Bike House in Wildwood Crest, NJ hooked us up -- thanks! 

19. Sunset -- gorgeous view of the sun setting over the bay in Brigantine, NJ. 

20. Tie dye -- this year, Cam was the only one into it. And she made a bevy of beautiful shirts!

21. Family Olympics -- we moved this year's festivities to the beach! We had water balloon toss, a spinning relay race, and a sand-sculpting "contest." We all pitched in on the last one, with daddy and Uncle Steve carrying the day with this fantastic mermaid.

22. Learned a New Card Game -- three, actually. We learned Old Maid, Crazy 8s, and Go Fish while we were on vacation in Jamaica.


Steve said...

That's some strong progress! I'd like to nominate myself to be part of the Eat Crabs activity!

Kane and Cameron said...

You got it, Uncle Steve! (ps TACKLE!!!)