Thursday, July 3, 2014

Keep It Local: Mini Golf at Cameron Run Regional Park

We put putt putt on our Summer Bucket List every year and while we always do it, in the past, some of us have been bigger fans than others {uhem, uhem, Cam laying on the course last year). But this year we seem to have turned a corner and not only were we both super in to going, we played the entire course and sank several hole-in-ones. We just checked out the course at Cameron Run Regional Park in Alexandria and had a total blast. As it always seems to be, it was about 100 degrees out and SUPER humid the day we went. So we spent a lot of time searching out shady spots to rest as well (FYI there is NO WATER available anywhere on the course, so make sure to bring your own).

Between the heat and the sudden uptick in our hand-eye coordination, we finished the course in record time and hightailed it to a nearby 7-11 for Pina Colada slurpies (we are all still in tropical concoction withdrawal from our recent Jamaican vacation). We then looped back to do a little quick geocaching. What can we say? When we go at that bucket list, we like to hit up multiple things at once.

By the way, the golf course overlooks adjacent Great Waves Waterpark, which looked both awesome and totally horrifying to mom (the lifeguard rescue we observed probably didn't help). I don't think we're quite up to the rolling wave action just yet!

Click HERE to get the golf course hours and HERE to get the fees. Note that admission to the golf course is free when you buy a ticket to the water park, which we just might do next year.

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