Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Miscellaneous Madness: A Day in the Life (July 2014)

Mom was set on remembering this month's 12-in-12 and using her actual camera to shoot the photos. Yay her! She actually remembered and she did drag her camera all over the city, but she didn't quite get all 12. It was a busy Saturday -- mom actually had a staycation girls weekend booked, but forgot when she planned that that we'd committed to co-hosting a playdate for my new school smack in the middle of the day (and to which we were looking forward). So there was a lot of running around. And well, she did what she could.

After you get your fill of our crazy Saturday, see what No Monsters in My Bed did with their weekend!

7.40 am -- Saturday morning cartoon time 

8.40 am -- mom gets in a little girls weekend time by grabbing Dolcezza coffee before meeting a friend for a mani-pedi.

9.00 am -- a multitude of pale nail colors. Mom got black, obviously. 

11.00 am -- mom stops to pick up a boatload of ice for the outdoor playdate. 

12.15 -- with about 15 minutes to pack, this is what mom pulls together for an in-town overnighter. 

1.30 pm -- we drop mom off at the park so she can secure a playdate spot and set up drinks + snacks. she outlasts the breakdown of a double birthday party to score a good table. 

2.45 pm -- playdate fun {there we are!}

4.50 pm -- mom makes it down to her hotel to meet up with her friends. after several weeks of both Cam and I sneaking in and sharing mom + dad's bed with them, mom is psyched for this. 

5.15 pm -- hotel lobby cocktail hour! 

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